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  • From the Diocese

    Hope is on the Horizon!  Our Catholic Church in NEO meets you where you are.  See the video here:  http://bit.ly/welcomebackNEO

  • Please click on the picture below for Online Giving Information

  •          Our Parish Code for Faith Direct:  OH404

  • St. Mary Parish "LIVE"

    To view any "Livestreamed" virtual event at Elyria Catholic Cluster Facebook page, please click on the above link or the picture below.

    St. Mary Parish livestreams Mass each weekend at the following time:

    Sunday, 9:30 am

    To join livestream, please click...


    6-20-2021 - 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Livestream Q & A

    To read Fr. Charlie's homily from this past Sunday...
    ...click HERE 


    Also, don't forget to check out all the Catholic content on Formed
    The following link directs you to the Diocese of Cleveland Coronavirus Information and Guidance page.
  •    EXCITING NEWS                FROM OCP

    Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal app

    Filled with over 850 titles, readings, prayers and the Order of Mass, this new digital worship aid helps parishioners more fully participate in the liturgy — whether at home or in church.  (I will post each week's song numbers on the songsheet.  All you need is a smartphone or a tablet.  The app costs $4.99 for the entire year.  Available for iPhone or Android.)

  • Did You Know?

    There are a number of ways you can help St. Mary Parish and School fund our mission in Elyria over and above your regular contributions.  Find out how by clicking on the above link.