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  • Snowfall of Cash Winners

    January 1st: $100. Stuart & Ellen Saddler January 2nd: $ 75. John Mashensic
    January 3rd: $100. Dick & Linda Kaminski January 4th: $200. Marilyn Peloquin
    January 5th: $100. Kathy Neiding
    January 6th: $100. Joseph Klapcic
    January 7th: $100. Beth Kocsis
    January 8th: $100. Mary Jo Prechtel
    January 9th: $200. Michael Scherrer
    January 10th: $100. Jen Brown
    January 11th: $100. Rich Mack
    January 12th: $100. Bill McGoughran
    January 13th:  $100 Sylvia Gormley
    January 14th:  $200 Stephanie Bowers
    January 15th:  $100 Jacqueline Keesee
    January 16th:  $100 Carol Faecking
    January 17th:  $100 Bailey Hikade
    January 18th:  $100 John Trissel
    January 19th:  $ 75 Kathie Hickman
    January 20th:  $100 Dave Timko
    January 21st:  $100 Kathy Boylan
    January 22nd: $100 Sandi Vinicky

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  •          Our Parish Code for Faith Direct:  OH404

  • St. Mary Parish "LIVE"

    To view any "Livestreamed" virtual event at Elyria Catholic Cluster Facebook page, please click on the above link or the picture below.

    St. Mary Parish livestreams Mass each weekend at the following time:

    Sunday, 9:30 am

    To join livestream, please click...


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    Livestream Q & A

    To read Fr. Charlie's homily from this past Sunday...
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    To read Fr. Tom's homily from this past Sunday...
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    The following link directs you to the Diocese of Cleveland Coronavirus Information and Guidance page.